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My name is Marina, and I’m a Strategic Designer and Researcher Researcher, working to co-create a more caring, sustainable and inclusive future through the lenses of systemic design and human-centred design, based in Melbourne. 


I grew up near the brave Atlantic ocean, surrounded by volcanoes and influenced by the biology that my mother taught me and mathematics that my father always gave me as a riddle. I think this has left a mark on me.

I’m currently in Wurundjeri land, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and using design as a tool for good, as a facilitator of new opportunities, as an enabler for connection, as an approach for change, and as a way of life for continuous experimentation.  I’m also using research to explore, to learn, to drive action, to increase my own (and others) awareness and to continually challenge my (and others) bias.

Besides loving design and applying it to my life and work, I enjoy my time creating objects with clay and natural materials allowing myself to connect with the land and the moment, letting my feelings flow through the ink on a paper, connecting with people from different cultures or telling stories through photography and travel narratives of the trips that make me so free (you can see more here).

My curiosity and my desire to learn have also inspired my travels and a personal project which explores the concepts and rituals surrounding everyday objects (theobjectjourney), and which make me land to this country.


My journey through design started in 2009, when I moved to study Industrial Design to the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. My journey through creativity and problem solving probably when I was 3 years old and all my questions started with “how” or “why”, and all my dreams were based on a better world.

Today I’m graduated in Industrial Design by ULPG with a  Master in Product Design and Product Development by ELISAVA, Barcelona, and a Master in Innovation in Design for Tourism Sector by the University of Barcelona. I have more than 5 years of experience in the field of Human-centred design and I have kept my training and my learning as part of my day to day life, including a Service Design course here in Australia.

Prized in 2014 by Barcelona Centre Design with the project Dulph and Nominated by Elisava Professional in 2014 with the project Barcelona, a modular luminary system.

I’m currently working as a Senior Strategic Designer at OpenSC, as an Associate of Emma Blomkamp, and as an Associate Professor at the Master of Interaction Design and User Experience, and co-leading the design teams on a volunteer-led program run by Code for Australia, that brings people together to say, “how can we make our communities better?”.

I’m interested in Education, Care (including digital health), and Community, and any intersection of design, technology and social impact.

If you have an opportunity that makes me grow, contact me! I will make sure we grow together.

my cv here     my LinkedIn here


My vision about design and also, about every topic in life, keep evolving overtime time. As for myself and any living beings, it is always on the move. If I would write this section each month, It would be different – and this could be a good experiment!

Moved by curiosity and personal ethics and values, I think the best way to approach a design project is not designing for people, but with people. I‘m an advocate of using co-design principles and process to allow people to gain the voice and add value to what is going to be in their lives and environments.

The impact we can have as a designer is fascinating and must to be used in a conscious and ethic way, giving the best of our self but relying on the real experts of their own life. It is for so I keep increasing my awareness – about bias, ways of doing, judgment, internal process, influences-, update on best practices, and also I keep questioning my practice, to find points of influence where I can improve whether for the outcome or the process.

I’m a person who cares about the environment and relationships, and I think that Human Center Design should start to change its directions, which I mean is that we, designers and people who design and build things, experiences or services, must start to think not just on the people, but also on their connections and in the environment, and start thinking as well in long-term solutions that have a positive impact but that also be flexible enough to adapt to new needs. I think it is our responsibility for the future of tomorrow, how we design and how we live.

My compromise is to take no just a human-centred design approach, but a life-and-community centred design, and start creating frameworks that allow me to look at the big picture, consider influences and impacts and create long term solutions, or brief reliefs, but that in any case, don’t introduce a new problem in the space.

My compromise as well is keeping increasing my awareness and improving my practice, with purpose and direction to a more meaningful, inclusive and accessible way.



I love fruits, and if I were a fruit, I will be Panama Passion fruit. Because of its citric taste, its strength, its different textures, its warm colours, its beautiful freckles and above all, for the passion.

How can I help?

I can bring my unique perspective and expertise, I can bring and share my knowledge and I’m flexible enough to adapt, learn and grow!

Here you can see some of the ‘standard’ things I can do

Design Research

Understand the user

Understand the context

Research through co-design

Identify new opportunities

Synthesise insights

Persona and Archetype Studies

Test and validate product and services

Experience Design

Define the strategy

User Experience Mapping


Value proposition

Information Architecture

Wireframe Design & Userflow Development

Interactive Prototype Design

User Testing & Validate Features

Service Design

Generate Strategy Roadmaps

Customer Experience Mapping

Create Stakeholder map

Ecosystem Understanding

Identify pain points

Create a Service Blueprint

Service Prototyping

Areas I’m passionate about


Digital Education

Education Experience

Course Experience Design

Learning process







Digital Health

Aged care

Child care

New life experience

End life experience


Vulnerable communities

Local inclusion

Social Impact

Cultural Rituals

Inclusivity and Diversity

Relationships and connections

Digital Communities

Marina Moreno Villena

ᴘʜ 0061 0412 048 069


Barcelona • Melbourne


I’m glad to hear from you.