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I use strategic design and research to create
inclusive services, experiences and products
that empower people and communities
in a life-centred way.


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About Me

My name is Marina Moreno and I’m a product designer from the Canary Islands — for many people the paradise for me, my sweet home.

Just like the ocean where I grew up, I’m always on the move.

From Industrial Design to Service Design, with professional experience also in User Experience and Design Research, I bring a holistic approach to any design project I work on. Focusing on people and their environment, systems and community I create seamless services, experiences or products that have value and create a better tomorrow.

Currently, I’m based in Melbourne, working as Consultant Professor at the Master in Interaction Design and User Experience in the Open University of Catalunya, and looking for new projects and opportunities in human-centred design, with the focus on Education, Care and Community.


Feel free to say hello or share any thought via email at hello@m-moreno.com